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Brookstone Capital Management

Founded in 2006, Brookstone Capital Management is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor firm providing fee-based asset management services. BCM offers investment management through a select network of independent advisor representatives, offering portfolios that span conservative, moderate, and growth-oriented risk tolerances. Founder and CEO Dean Zayed established Brookstone with the singular goal of forging strategic relationships with independent advisors to support all aspects of their fee-based advisory business. 

Brookstone is a Turnkey Asset Management Platform that helps independent financial advisors grow by providing the right tools and resources, along with the a dedicated team of professionals to better serve your practice.

Brookstone Capital is redefining and reinventing the TAMP space by offering independent advisors a lot more than just a money management provider.

With over 1,000+ Advisors doing business in all 50 states, BCM has positioned itself as a leader in the independent advisory space. In addition to the #1 Fastest-Growing RIA Firm, it was ranked #56 overall by Total Assets, with over 600 firms surveyed. 

Team Members

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