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In 2003, the founding partners moved to Tucson, Arizona from our life-long homes in Nebraska to start Forward Strategies.


Today, Forward Strategies is a national leader in marketing annuities, life insurance, long-term care, and hybrid products including case design, lead program creation, and referral systems.  Since inception in 2003, Forward Strategies has helped countless agents reach their financial goals as well as played an integral part in the development of cutting edge life and annuity products.


Through our annual, low qualification incentive trips, Forward Strategies has hosted our top producers in destinations around the world; these trips continue to be a great way for agents to network together and enjoy their success with their peers.  


Kelly Kleinsasser



Kelly has been dedicated to the insurance and investment field since graduating from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1991 with a Finance and International Business degree.  He started his career with IDS/American Express and then furthered his career with Morgan Stanley/Dean Witter prior to opening his own firm in 1997.  As a managing partner with Forward Strategies, Kelly has chosen to place his focus on growing advisors' businesses by carefully crafting, developing, and launching numerous marketing strategies and concepts that include 13 years of seminar systems and our Safety/Income/Tax (SIT) report as well as creating his own RIA platform.  Kelly feels that sharing knowledge and tools is the best way to form long lasting trusting relationships with advisors. He is 100% committed to this end.

Steve has been involved in almost all facets of the industry.  He has been an integral part in over 100 C.E. workshops across the nation that educated thousands of agents on Fixed-Indexed Annuity intricacies.  His involvement ranged from presenting to helping create presentations. He has also assisted in creating annuity training for producers, as well as being a key presenter.  In addition, he has assisted in the creation of EIAs that have generated billions of dollars in premium for various carriers.  Steve has been published in various trade journals and has been part of the team helping agents write over $1 billion.  He has a Bachelor’s degree in marketing and advertising from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Steve Finley

Agent Relationship Manager



Paul Song

Sales Manger

Paul began working in 1984 as a full-time insurance salesman for Bankers’ Life and Casualty while studying Economics at Indiana University. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in 1987, he returned to Chicago as a US Treasury Analyst and Trader for three different Treasury Primary Dealers at the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT). In late 2000, Paul and his wife moved to Tucson, Arizona, where he pivoted to the restaurant industry. He managed Sakura for more than ten years, developing relationships and building a strong B2B network.

At Forward Strategies, Paul focuses on group and individual marketing efforts for various markets and targeted individuals, looking for different ways that agents can capitalize on existing relationships and markets. Paul creates and presents tax-deferred laddering strategy scenarios for annuity clients where “one size fits all” just doesn’t fit.

In his spare time, Paul particularly enjoys cooking for friends and family. 

Conner graduated from Grand Canyon University with a degree in Finance and Economics.  He focuses on marketing, design, and webinar programs, as well as helping producers like you continue to be the best at what you do.  He is an assistant sales manager working primarily with Steve Finley, servicing agents and helping them increase production through their own customized marketing efforts.


In his free time he is an avid competitive gamer, ranked in the top .1% out of 115 million League of Legends players worldwide.  Conner also enjoys watching Minnesota Vikings football games with his family.



Conner Kleinsasser

Sales Manager



John Brady


John has been helping families protect their assets and accumulate wealth since 1999.  “My goal is to find the right product for your short term, long term or immediate financial objective.  The greatest feeling I get from my work is knowing that I helped secure a family’s financial future”.   With over 20 years of experience and over 1,000 clients served, He is excited to continue his life’s work in guiding families down the path towards financial freedom.  John is a tireless worker.  
When not at work John volunteers his time and coaches youth baseball and soccer.

Jeff has been in the insurance industry for over a decade as an independent producer. He focused on FIA’s and IUL’s. He has experience working on seminar and lead programs.

He grew up in central Iowa and attended Iowa State University. After graduation, his first job was building golf courses in Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado. He moved to Tucson in 1994 and hasn’t looked back. He worked in land development in Tucson and Jackson Hole. His projects spanned from Europe, Middle East and Canada to several different states.

When not working, Jeff can be found hunched over his grill or smoker cooking food for his family and friends. He is also a long suffering U of A fan, and finally admitting it in public again.


Jeff Carrier

Asst. Sales Manager

Sophie Weaver

Office Manager

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Agents have found that Forward Strategies is set apart from other national groups because we are a company built by producers, for producers. We have been in the field as agents and understand the challenges and opportunities that agents face each and every day.