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for a FREE Consult on Becoming a Seminar Producer

One of the keys to seminars is plugging into a system that works for you. That is why we are so excited to offer Seminar Accelerator.

We have partnered with Super Producer, Jack Burrows, a $25M+ annual annuity producer to offer a mentoring program unavailable anywhere else.

Many will tell you to staff up, get an office and spend large sums of money to succeed at seminars. Now, all those things can help, but are they necessary? We will show you a different way. One that has put Jack in the top echelon of agents nationwide. In addition, we will show you the secrets to Jack’s success including how respecting the attendees time with a 1 ½ hour in and out the door of your seminar will pay big dividends for your sales process.

There is no reason to stand still, when you can MOVE FORWARD!

Seminar Accelerator is Changing the Landscape


What Seminar Accelerator Offers:

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Turn-Key Seminar System

Full presentation, scripts, mailers, techniques, and closing strategies

One-on-one mentoring with $25M Producer, Jack Burrows
Mastermind Events scheduled throughout the year
CRM at no cost to you

The CRM is yours to use now at no cost for your continued use at a small monthly fee if you ever decide FSIB isn't for you

Fulfillment Material

Videos branded to Sound Annuity Solutions for your leads and appointments

Landing Page
Full Comp on all products

No commission splits

Dedicated Account Manager
Dedicated status manager

Reports daily status on your cases directly to you

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