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Automated Marketing Platform

Discover the effortless path to transforming Medicare clients into substantial annuity sales with AMP. Don't let time constraints, a lack of a proven process, or an inexperienced IMO partner hinder your success. Our program is designed to uncover existing opportunities that you may not have the time to cultivate, ensuring you don't miss out on potential untapped business. Unlock the full potential of your Medicare client base with AMP.

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Our automated marketing platform makes converting Medicare clients into annuity and wealth clients a breeze. AMP streamlines your marketing efforts, making it easier than ever to grow and maintain your client base.



Send automated monthly emails covering a range of topics including annuities, tax insights, estate planning tips, and more, ensuring you stay informed and empowered to make sound financial decisions.



Our platform offers opt-in messages, personalized birthday greetings, holiday messages, and regular "how can I help" messages throughout the year, ensuring a seamless and engaging communication strategy.


Content Generation

Utilize a dynamic combination of videos, email newsletters, and text messaging to keep your clients engaged and informed. Our continuous content generation ensures that your clients never face unanswered questions or confusion, fostering strong relationships built on trust and clarity.

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